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Brunswick Bowling Spare Parts

Our product line includes quality AMF and Brunswick regulation bowling equipment such as pinsetters, lanes, ball returns, seating, lane machines, and Automatic Computer Scoring Systems.

We’ll provide the expert installation you need for a great long-term investment. We offers a full range of integrated lane accessories that are sure to give your lanes a polished look. We will setup Lighting System, Ball Returns and Capping System.

Take control over every aspect of your business and provide a more entertaining experience to every customer that walks through your doors, with systems developed by the undisputed leader in automatic scoring and center management.

Whether you are a large or small center, we have a lane machine to meet your needs.We supply lane machines are economical, reliable and provide the consistency your bowlers demand.

We offer several different pinsetters to choose from. When buying from the major manufacturers you are limited to their product only. TIFS can provide rebuild machines from all the manufacturers.

The bowling pins are coated through a unique NYLON INJECTION MOLDING process. This process will prevent separation of the plastic from the wood core. The pin has a special locking feature in the base-ring, which prevents the base-ring from falling out. This will add a longer life to your investment.
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AMF Automatic Pinspotters
Brunswick Automatic Pinspotters
Bowling Lanes
Scoring Panels
Ball Storage Rack
Front End Assembly
Table Assembly
Shuttle & Bin Assembly
Sweep Assembly
Distributor Assembly
Back End Assembly
Pit Assembly
Ball Return Assembly
Power Lift Assembly
Electrical Box Assembly
Motor Gear Box Assembly
Bearings & Other Hardware Parts
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